Rubber ducks donīt lay eggs

Rubber ducks donīt lay eggs
2011 Jan. 18

Unfortunately rubber ducks donīt lay eggs. Every duck is unique and has only one life.Did you know that each rubber duck is painted by hand? Of course same models always look the same. But due to the paint job each one looks slightly different. That is why each duck has its own character.

Would you like a specific color? No problem! If you wish to have your rubber ducks colored in your own colors just let us know. We will paint your rubber ducks  in the colors of your choice.  We can adapt the colors you have chosen from 1000pc on. Your duck will have its own unique character!

By the way, even if you try hard to convince them, your rubber ducks will not lay any eggs. So, as soon as your rubber duck population starts declining, just give us a call and reorder.

Place your first order now! The squeaky rubber ducks from the Squeakworld are looking forward to meeting you.